Remol Extra

Remol Extra

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Remol Extra:- 

Application Area:-

• For easy and stain free release of concrete moulds and form work of all types


Non-staining : No cleaning of unsightly oil stains if plastering is not required.

High quality : Produces really fair faced finish concrete.

Versatile : Can be used on all types of moulds.

Minimizes cleaning : Makes cleaning of form faces between pours very easy.

Concentrate form : Reduces storage and transport costs.

Water based : Only requires water for dilution.

Corrosion Inhibition : Aids corrosion inhibition

Application Procedure:-

1 lit REMOL EXTRA & 6 lit clean water to be mixed in container and apply on surface

Technical specification:-

Dilution rate : 1 part REMOL EXTRA: 6 parts clear water (by volume)

Formwork surfaces : May be used on wooden or metal surfaces. Particularly effective on resinous coated surfaces.

Non-staining : Can be used safely with white cement.

Specific Gravity : Typically 0.960 at 25°C


500ft2 per 1 lit REMOL EXTRA

Pack Size:-

20, 50 & 200lit drum